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Susan Stoner, writing as S.L. Stoner, is a native Oregonian who worked, for many years, as a  full time as a labor union lawyer. Like that of her series hero, Sage Adair, Stoner’s life has tended toward the adventurous. She’s worked in skid road bars, Las Vegas casinos, free clinics and as a prisoners’ advocate, psychology center videographer and federal judge’s intern. Besides living in Portland, Oregon, Susan has also lived in a forest lean-to, a Sikh home in Singapore, alongside an alligator-infested Louisiana bayou, inside a sweltering Las Vegas tent, in a camper atop a ’65 International pick-up truck as well as in a variety of more traditional abodes. She was a participant in Portland’s original neighborhood movement and has since been involved in a number of citizen activism efforts, like filing and winning a lawsuit to preserve Portland’s historical open reservoirs (one of those “win the battle, lose the war” experiences). She lives with her husband and two dogs in Southeast Portland when they are not traveling or hanging out in the great Cascade range forests. One of her passions is historical research, particularly that involving original source material. The fifth book in the Sage Adair series, Dead Line, was released in July 2015. It tells the tale of Central Oregon’s almost range war.

Alec Icky Dunn

Alex “Icky” Dunn – Cover Artist


The covers of all five Sage Adair books, Timber Beasts, Land Sharks, Dry Rot, Black Drop and Dead Line,  are the work of Portland artist, illustrator and writer Alex “Icky” Dunn. He also created the cover for Michael Munk’s, Portland Red Guide, as well as numerous cd album covers for local bands, political graphics, and pink filers. At Icky briefly describes the creative process that led to the first Sage Adair cover. More of his work can be seen at

6/29/15 – Lane Poncy, Caroline Miller and Susan Stoner Discuss Unions Response to Job-Destroying Technology


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