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Historic Laundry Dispute Fuels Mystery Novel

 The latest in S.L. Stoner’s historical mystery series, set in 1903 Portland, Ore., “The Mangle” has suave restaurateur Sage Adair and his friends investigating the shady dealings of the city’s steam laundry owners. Sage’s mother infiltrates one of the laundries in an attempt to discover how the owners plan to thwart the unionized employees, represented by the strong-willed Rachel Levy. But when Rachel’s sister goes missing, Sage and his many undercover cohorts suddenly are in a race against time to save the woman from a fate worse than death.

“The Mangle” was inspired by an actual 1903 labor dispute involving Portland’s steam laundry employees, who were seeking a 9-hour work week (instead of 10 hours), and a five-cent-an-hour raise in salary. Stoner pulls a multitude of historical threads together to depict the political climate, not only in turn-of-the-century Portland but in the wider world as well — a time when women’s suffrage efforts were in their infancy and white slavery was rampant.

“The Mangle” is the sixth book in Stoner’s historical mystery series set in the Pacific Northwest in the early 20th century. The series mixes historical fact with convoluted, multi-layered plots and clever, complicated characters to bring local history to life in a refreshing way. East Oregonian

Praise for the Sage Adair Historical Mystery Series

“Sage Adair is a likable and realistic anchor for this well-written, smartly plotted historical mystery series that blends real and fictional people and events. The series is still accumulating a loyal fan base, but each novel brings it closer to the wide acclaim it deserves.”  American Library Association Booklist Review

 An “engrossing tale . . . in what promises to be a worthy series.” School Library Journal

“. . . An exciting piece of historical fiction, recommended. Midwest Book Reviews

 ” Added to the Special Collection as material that “enriches research in the history and culture of the Pacific Northwest.” Washington State Library  System

“Stoner skillfully weaves fact and fiction together to craft a story that not only entertains, but informs.” East Oregonian

 “This series is only getting better. . . While Sage Adair is the main character, a long-ago Portland and its denizens are as much a part of the story as he is.” Portland Oregonian

“. . . Sets a great backdrop for the intrigue that happens on the dark side of the law . . . a page-turner.”  The Southeast Examiner.

 “Timber Beasts the winner and, Land Sharks a finalist, for the Next Generation Indie Gold Medal

“For those who like mysteries . . . it is hard to put down and the reader is rewarded with exciting drama as well as living and breathing characters.” The Portland Alliance

 “Stoner sets a great backdrop for the intrigue that happens on the dark side of the law . . . the novel is a page-turner.”  Southeast Examiner

 “A unique mystery . . . enjoyed the flavor of the old Pacific Northwest.”  Labor World

 “Combines rousing adventure with accurate back-to-the-past details.” Jim Strassmaier, Oral Historian, Oregon Historical Society, ret.

 “A hard-to put-down deeply satisfying and entertaining adventure.” Ross K. Rieder, President, Pacific Northwest Labor History Association

 “A detective story of murder, skillfully developed.” Michael Munk, author, The Portland Red Guide.

 “Leads us on a thrilling adventure through the seamy side of Portland’s early days. A great read.” P. Anna Johnson, author, Australia Years

 “A good book is one that takes the reader on a fascinating journey with admirable characters to root for. Stoner’s Sage Adair historical mysteries do that and more . . . a rollicking novel that almost turns the pages by itself.” Caroline Miller, author, Heart Land.

 “I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery and historical fiction. Eloquently written, extensively researched, I absolutely loved Dry Rot. I could not put it down!!” Helena Melendez, Goodreads

“This book was like taking a walk back in time in Portland in the early 1900’s! Murder, mystery and a ton of well researched history makes this book a really, really, fun read! I would recommend it to anyone who loves histories, mysteries or Portland Oregon “ Lisa, Goodreads


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